Annual Meeting 2016

Click on the pictures below to open, download, and/or print the documents for our annual meeting on

Sunday, November 20, following worship.

  • 2017 Ballot BOoklet

    Click on the photo to view biographical information about each candidate. We will have a limited number available at the meeting on November 20, but you are welcome to print and bring your own to the meeting with you.

  • 2017 Ballot

    Click on the picture to see what the ballot will look like. You are welcome to print it off and pre-mark it; however, we will ask you to vote on official ballots the day of the meeting.

  • 2017 Proposed Budget

    Church Treasurer Greg Hartman will present the budget at the meeting. You are welcome to ask him questions about the proposed budget before or at the meeting.

  • Proposed Bylaw Adjustments

    These have been updated as of November 9, 2016. The Church Board is no longer recommending the removal of the Personnel Committee from the Bylaws or changing who can serve as Board Chairman, and this version reflects the removal of those proposals.

  • Current Bylaws

    Click the picture to view and/or download our current bylaws.